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Almost all books are available on the Kindle store as well as in print: some are only available on the Kindle store.


Pass the Parcel

The world is populated by everything from humans to Artificial Humans, but speciesism runs rampant. Everything that can go terribly wrong does; and while it always comes back to Brazil, it all seems to be going down in London, which is a seething pot of conflicts and crossed wires, as new lies are told and old ones resurface; as old murders are recalled and new ones committed; as history is rewritten; and as a very ugly but potentially extremely powerful statue is passed from wrong hand to wrong hand.

The Other Daughter

Polly Mazlowczy has returned from a fictitious conflict in North Korea a changed woman. Just how changed, her strange and insular family and the people of an isolated Midwestern town are about to discover. The Other Daughter is a revenge tragedy of the old school given a modern twist.

Protect Me From What I Want

When a 40 year old cold case opens unexpectedly on a sleepy island, John Hennessey (perpetually-on-the-brink-of-being-fired) finds his past comes back to haunt him, too.

Brown Bread, Boys

Craig Williamson, gang leader and charismatic lunatic, is at the top of his game, having murdered his main rival; but the celebrations have barely begun before his lieutenants are plotting his downfall. At least the police are no closer to understanding the ancient and terrible blood magic the gang is using… unfortunately, neither are the gang.

new breaking of m cover

The Breaking of M

KINDLE ONLY Matimeo Calvisia, spy and rake, finds himself in 16th-century Venice and faced with an apparently insurmountable challenge: the widely-read but narrowly-lived Padre Vito Bonifatigo is calling his credentials into question. The prickings of Matimeo’s pride lead him through a moral maze and dog him all the way across the Atlantic, but sooner or later something has to give… As “Melissa Snowdon”.

The Curious Case of the Firecrotch

Wilberforce Kemp is a private detective. He’s not especially good at it, and he has a drink-chugging demon to keep fed, but he’s a private detective all the same and that means when a beautiful red-head comes into his decaying office and pays him to dig up a missing boyfriend, it’s his job to find the guy… even if he kinda wants the red-head all to himself. In a case that will bring him elbow-to-elbow with all the low-lives he’s been drinking to avoid, Wil Kemp is up to his neck in trouble all over again. This pastiche of the hard-boiled detective trope brings romance and sarcasm a-plenty. As “Melissa Snowdon”, with Dionyisia Hill.


Lesbian rom-com/chick lit. Julie Holms has it all, if “all” means living in the shadow of her beautiful best friend, her obnoxious sister, and her bewilderingly-obsessed-with-wheatgerm Mummy. She’s got an eBay habit, a wardrobe that occupies dimensions bigger than her flat, and a coat everyone in Marketing thinks is very Last Year, but her life is about to become far too exciting by way of mysterious strangers on rooftops, That Cute One From Marketing, and possibly one or two things she thought only happened in the movies. As “Melissa Snowdon”.

Short Stories

Tiny Fictions

Tiny Fictions are for people with short attention spans and shallow pockets; collections of stories which are compact and easy to get through before you get distracted or bored, perfect for commutes and all the more so as the book in your hands should fit nicely into the back pocket of your jeans, into your handbags, or to be slipped beside your iPhone in whatever it is trendy kids are using these days. This volume collects the works in Tiny Fictions #1, #2, #3, and #4 into one handy book. 


Help: Twelve Tales of Healing

I edited this anthology, and didn’t contribute. Contributors include Sunny Moraine, Cosima Ekman, Addy Pugh, Amy Bennett, Megan Fennell… profits from the sales of this book are donated to MSF:

Help: everyone needs it from time to time and Medecins Sans Frontieres provide it to the people in the world who need it the most. Twelve Tales of Healing is an anthology of twelve (and one spare, in case you need it) stories about getting better by thirteen different authors; some established, and some brand new. All profits from the sale of Help: Twelve Tales of Healing go directly to Medecins Sans Frontiere to help them to help those who really need it.

Hannah Matchmaker's New Skates

Hannah Matchmaker’s New Skates

Short story: Hannah Matchmaker is struggling to make progress as fast as she’d like at Rollerderby, until she gets her hands on some new skates… A story for fans of Rollerderby who are already pretty au fait with the jargon.

A grim tale.

Saint Grimbald’s Men

DIGITAL ONLY. Comes in Kindle and ePub formats. A short body-horror story set in a monastery, where one troubled young novice has just begun to experience unsettling and apparently untameable desires.

KINDLE ONLY: A short story set in space. Calvin wakes up alone in an intergenerational space flight that once held his entire civilisation, and tries at first to make sense of this, then to cope with his loneliness.


Know Your Words

Know Your Words is an anthology of poetry written within the last five years by newcomer poets Al Kennedy, Amy Kreines, and Delilah Des Anges.

For the Love of a City

Poems to and about London by someone who has been conducting a decade-long love affair with the city.

Shots in the Dark

An illustrated narrative poem, with eldritch horrors and war. An American platoon, lost in the Vietnamese jungles, find that something is waiting for them.

A compendium of poems about Greek Myths

A chapbook of poems around the theme of various ancient Greek myths, returning more than once to Persephone and Icarus. The cover art is one of my digital paintings from a series on Greek myths done as a very late graduation present for a friend.

Year of the Ghost and the Mortuary Remains

Collects the poems of 2011 and 2012 and is available in print, Kindle, and PDF (by emailing me). Covers topics as diverse as the history of disease in London, the life cycle of universes, minimalism in art, and a survival tactic for the chronically depressed; the effects of revolution, love, death, the London underground, and the physics of sound.


How Not To Write By Someone Who Doesn’t

This is a collection of rants, essays, lists, and other marginalia and arguments relating to the awfulness that is attempting to write novels, short stories, and poetry. You fool! Put this book down and back away slowly. It is not for polishing your ego at all!


Kissing Carrion

Early collaboration with Gillian Blekkenhorst: a missing girl, and a very strange private detective, in Regency England.

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