What am I up to?

I’m still proofing a book! I’m reading several books at once, because that’s how some of us focus, and I’m working on a commission…

an unfinished vector picture of a black bird backlit by the sun. the bird's mouth is open.
 [I hate posting progress images but I love validation. A quandary]
I took a break from the slow progress of this very detailed image to make a swift design:

a vector image of the highlights on the upturned face of a young black woman, with the text 'we are our own light'.

Which can be bought as a t-shirt and many other things.

And of course, the exciting sci-fi comic I am working on with my collaborator and vendor of cat pictures, Emma… the enigmatically-titled: fuck fate, let’s dance.

a comics page. a space ship looms in the background. in aystemtric panels with a red hue, a centaur hurriedly performs various tasks, eventually kicking down a door in a burst of light