Art Roundup

Just a few pictures to fling at you before I run away for Christmas!

A vector image of a historical building in Chelsea, with a large statue directly in front of the portico, framed by two sweeping green lawns
A London Landmark: click for prints
An image of an Aztec mask made of turquoise and obsidian in stripes, with spooky eyes, hanging in a black backgroun
A friendly face! Click for prints
A large bird of prey with menacing hands pulls itself out of the Tube tunnel at a station under beams of light
A rare scene on the London Underground. Click for prints
Rays of light stream through a cathedral window into a dark crypt
Canterbury Cathedral Crypt. Click for prints etc.

The Autumn Collection

Hi guys! I’ve been learning how to do vectors properly in my spare (spare?!) time.

Here’s a selection!

A very convoluted tiling pattern of mushrooms, oranges, apples, physalis and autumn leaves
Starting big: the chaotic autumn pattern! Click on the image to buy on a number of products
A tiling pattern of falling autumn leaves and alternating up and down golden mushrooms
Separating out components for a simpler pattern: again, click on the image for the products if you like!
A sparse pattern of death cap mushrooms on a dark gray background, they look a little like the arrows on cartoon convict jackets
Simple and gothic, the first pattern. Click for more minimalist options!