Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom

I received a “grow your own mushrooms” kit recently.

After the initial, spooky procedure of submerging a bag of substrate in cold water for 12 hours, I managed to misread the instructions and keep the boys sealed in a box for a few days until it was pointed out to me that I’m an illiterate idiot by the Resident Australian.

Fortunately oyster mushrooms are more forgiving than the live-in garderning expert, and with the correct conditions in place the ‘shrooms diverted their energy:

Once underway they made rapid progress:

Quickly assuming classic Oyster Mushroom shape:

It seemed like every time I turned my back they grew:

Making them an ideal kit for me, as I have very little patience! They came out a lovely shade of pink and grew to a prodigious size very quickly:

And as I have very little truck with growing things I can’t eat, unlike the Australian and their featured collection of succulents there:

Mushrooms ended their autonomous existence:

And became instead:

Two delicious and attractive meals!

Espresso Mushroom Kits, then: forgiving, simple, and fast. Results as pictured.

[ART] The Birthday Shark

This weekend just past being the birthday of a chum and all-round good egg and well-travelled shark enthusiast, I have whipped up A SHARK for them.

Not a real shark because I lack the capacity for actually constructing animals from the ether, but here’s a vector drawing of a black-tipped reef shark.

And here it is on Redbubble just in case anyone has a pressing need to own a shark.

(If you don’t need to own a shark but have an urge to give me money)

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