[Publishing] Pick Your Poison by Owl Hollow Press

Alright yes I promise I shall, at some point, make blog posts when I’m not saying “I wrote something, buy it,” but I’ve been (altogether now) busy. Busy trying to fit work, frantic book research, belly dancing classes (no, really), bodybuilding (again, yes, really), beginners’ Turkish lessons (why), and occasional social life (ukulele singalong down a shaft in Rotherhithe, attempts to gain personal low-earth orbit via a swing at the Tate Modern, etc) around each other.

Fortunately then this particular book was handled by professionals as opposed to solely by me.

Poisons come in all shapes and sizes, often resting in that murky, gray area between too much and too little, between right and wrong. Some poisons help; some poisons hurt. Some do both in the proper doses. But one thing is certain—whether good or evil, figurative or literal, fact or fiction—we can’t escape its potent charm. Throughout this anthology, poison takes many forms, both literal and metaphorical, in a wide variety of genres and styles. And they’re all yours to enjoy. So go ahead. Pick your poison.

Featuring: George BrewingtonJason RubisLawrence SalaniDiane ArrelleKatie ShermanLeigh StathamNichole CelauroMichael Harris CohenDerek Des Anges (Meeeeee), Leslie EntsmingerChristine EskilsonTom HowardCara FoxSharon Frame GayCharlie HughesAaron Max JensenKevin LankesFrank OretoCary G OsborneColleen Quinn, and Angela Raper.

Pick Your Poison is published by Owl Hollow Press and available in paperback and as a Kindle eBook.

Now the OTHER reason I’ve been busy is that I turn 35 on the 30th and I’ve been trying to wedge a birthday party around various commitments, including the inevitable slew of Halloween parties that everyone else obligingly has all over my birthday every year; I used to resent this as a child but I’ve since come to realise that this is actually just a ticket to several days of debauchery at other people’s expense as I hijack every celebration in a 5-mile radius and make it All About Me.

With that in mind, I’m shamelessly whoring for presents because it’s not every day one turns 35. In fact, it’s only one day. That being how time works.


“I’M MADE OF MONEY” – Awesome, good for you. I really like the artwork of Hiroshi Yoshida, and I also am made of constant muscle pain due to aforementioned bodybuilding & belly dancing, so £50 of voucher from here will get someone to beat me up for 45 minutes to help with that.
“I HAVE SOME MONEY” – Buy some of my books! For yourself or for your friends! Spread the love!
“I HAVE SOME MONEY BUT I ALREADY HAVE YOUR BOOKS AND SO DO ALL MY FRIENDS” – I want to grow mushrooms in my bathroom and it’s rainy and dark during winter.
“I AM TOTALLY BROKE” – This is the fun option! FAN ART! If you don’t trust your art skills, WRITE ME A REVIEW, TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT BOOKS OR ART OF MINE THAT YOU LIKE! Every earnest public discussion of enjoyment is worth a hundred marketing campaigns and also provides very important ego-massage.
“I HAVE MONEY BUT DON’T WANT TO GIVE IT TO YOU DIRECTLY/BUY YOU CRAP” – Understandable. Why not make a donation to MSF on my behalf?

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