New Hobbies

So far this has not resulted in bruises, grazes, or death, but there’s always time:

Those aren’t convention quads – that would be too sensible, and I already have a cheap pair of those … somewhere in my house – but these:

Skorpion Skates

Skorpion Quadline Street Skates

My justification is that they’re commuter skates and there’s a 1 mile commute between my station and my workplace, but my actual reason is “WHEE!”

It’s amazing, they’re like skateboards for each foot and they look so stupid and I fell into a hedge today.

There’s a glorious circularity to this. It was windy, I clutched the Resident Australian nervously by the hand as she wandered along with a large Canon camera around her neck, occasionally snapping photos when I wasn’t clutching at her. I was wearing skates that strapped on over my shoes.

Basically the same as a couple of decades ago, when I clumped along Plymouth Hoe for a few hours in the wind and an anorak, Fisher-Price skates over my shoes, and my mother occasionally taking photos with the (analogue) Canon around her neck.

Sunnier today, though.


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