All Green, All The Time.

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve made a Print All Over Me t-shirt, and here is the evidence:

t-shirt t-shirt t-shirt

The quality of print on their t-shirts is significantly better than on the Spoonflower fabric sample I received. I know that getting this particular pattern right, especially on fabric – the degree of detail is pretty absurd – but I think PAOM have definitely managed more crispness and colour fidelity than Spoonflower. This is a shame because PAOM are more expensive and Spoonflower have a huge variety of fabrics I could have used to make shirts, dresses, and coats, but for the price of what they’re offering I would expect something crisp.

Expect away, I know.

I’ve tried out a couple of new patterns recently and some of them have been terrible disasters because my body is a weird shape: I choose a pattern size which fits the ghastly chest protuberances and my rolling stomach vistas, and it slips off my disproportionately tiny shoulders.  This happens as much with women’s patterns as men’s, unfortunately, and while with a known pattern I can make adjustments with a new pattern it’s just a question of crossing fingers and hoping.

This dress is an adaptation of a Tudor gown pattern from Simplicity:

shiny tum

I think it illustrates perfectly the “do I even have shoulders” problem.

Also if anyone is trying to replicate that scrunch there, you just hem your lining and outer together in a way that I keep managing to do by accident. The pattern itself is actually quite easy, and I substituted the usual skirt for my favoured full-circle, there are no darts, and the whole thing would have been tremendous apart from the aforementioned No Shoulders Whatsoever problem being readily apparent in this style.


The fabric is taffeta which for some reason I can get for £1.50 a metre in the magical wonderland that is Walthamstow. One of the better sides of trekking up to E17 is that I can afford to fuck up a pattern and not feel like the world has ended or that I’ve wasted something important and pricey.


Here you can see the lining, and why I have taken to calling this the Tudor Sprite Dress. The perfect illustration of my weird body shape: narrow shoulders, broad chest, high waist, stupid butt. As a consequence I look like I’m exploding out of this dress. Contemplating replacing the suggesting lacing with a zip.

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