Art Dump: Scribbly Candids

After the brief burst of Opinion in the previous post it’s back to Showing Off Things I Did until my heartrate returns to normal.

Buddy Peace, romantic lead in a project I’m insisting on referring to as Hooked.

Line art for a future project, possibly. Either that or a naked dude on a rock. 

This is a man we met handing out free food to children on South Bank (er, as a restaurant promotion thing, not for abduction purposes). He was entirely delightful and became quite bashful after agreeing to having his photo taken. I rather hope the little portrait does him justice as he looked like the kind of chap you keep in a box for emergency hugs.

… That’s normal, right?

This guy, on the other hand, was part of a group shot I took for reference purposes, and I’m sort of spitefully pleased that he’s making a stupid face because he had an obnoxious laugh and kept saying idiotically cliched things to the lady he was with. Before it started raining, and I managed to get away inside. 

More crowd scene squares from the garden at the V&A Museum.

No real commentary on this one except that I like the way it turned out – dramatically varying line widths are a great way to add tension, I think.

Why would you draw this particular scene? Let’s just pretend there’s a deep reason rather than having a good reference shot to hand.

Wombat! From a photo taken at Australia Zoo in 2012.

You win a prize if you can even work out what this is.


4 thoughts on “Art Dump: Scribbly Candids

    1. I will be when I get around to the right amount of research and manage to finalise the plot to a level I’m comfortable with. Another Melissa Snowdon book! Happy ending and everything.

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