Easter Art Dump

What do you do when you’ve spent most of the weekend compulsively making dresses but have no photos to show for it and want to look like you ever do anything with your life besides complain angrily about a lack of Android apps for plotting (seriously though all I want is moveable text squares on a grid, with an option for turning the thing into a document)?

You … draw things aggressively and don’t finish most of the things you’re drawing because you’re shit, that’s what you do.

warning, contains breasts and other anatomical items

Step one: take a well-known painting of a “beautiful woman” and make her into a “fat beautiful woman” in a fit of militant variety.

a lot of these statues are somewhat questionable in their content

Step two: take a photograph by your Resident Australian from the Victoria and Albert Museum, and do an art on it, creating three layers of art. The sculpture, the photo of the sculpture, and the drawing of the photo of the sculpture, so that artifice removes us so far from the original bodies that we ought to have an unrecognisible scribble. And lo: it is!

tiny pictures

I actually did some preparation for this (and it’s far from finished): these are from general crowd shots taken in the garden at the V&A, so that I could practice drawing groups. The pictures are much larger and I’m doing the scenes in small squares.


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