Sewing: I think they’re longs rather than shorts.

Editorial note: the blogger discovered the fabric shops in Walthamstow are a) a thirty minute tube ride away on in a zone her work travelcard already covers, and b) incredibly cheap, and also c) more numerous than sand particles currently are in the skins above London. This has led to the acquisition of a lot of fabric, a lot of really silly trims (what am I planning to do with two metres of red velvet ribbon embroidered with enormous roses? I don’t know but I’m reassured that it is in my possession), and two pairs of trousers… well, a pair of trousers and some shorts/longs:

Button flies are the new black.
Button flies are the new black.

Back view

A few notes:

  • Canvas is so much easier to work with than horrible stretch fabrics and stupid velvet.
  • It turns out that ironing the seams open makes everything better and then sewing over the folded over bits makes everything tidier! WHO KNEW.
  • Also the machine needle decided to snap twice on the same stretch of cuff for no reason I could readily work out, which was an experience. At some point in my life I plan to make clothing without having to duck.
  • What you can’t tell from these photos is that the cuffs have zips in them so that I can – er, later, when I’ve put on loops and buttons – roll them up and make them into shorts rather than longs.

front view back view

This stuff was also a dream to work with because it doesn’t slide around and stays where it’s put, but it has been a bit fray-ish since I finished the garment off and as I lined it I can’t really go and bias bind the bloody seams. Oh well, we live, and some of us learn. Not me, apparently.


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