Sketchdump: Eastern Promises & Faunogeddon

Emphasis very heavily on the “sketch” this time: occasionally I like to take a photo or screencap and blow it up until the image is no longer distinguishable, and then just trace areas of major colour change, and then shrink it back down to see if it is a coherent picture. This time a screenshot from Eastern Promises (2007, dir. David Cronenberg, starring Naomi Watts, Viggo Mortensen, and Vincent Cassel).

Screenshot possibly constitutes a spoiler if you can actually decipher it.

Then on to drawing from a statue, this time Emmanuel Frémiet’s Pan and Bear Cubs, which people have very obligingly photographed from a variety of angles (I can’t go and look at it myself as it’s in the Musée d’Orsay and my travelcard only goes to zone 3):

I did actually try one from the front as well but it turns out I am a lot better at drawing dainty goat legs than I am at drawing a) bears and b) human faces, which has troubling implications. Pan ended up looking somewhat cross-eyed and a little piqued and the bear looked as if it had just crash-landed from Jupiter, so I shall not be posting that  one!


2 thoughts on “Sketchdump: Eastern Promises & Faunogeddon

  1. I like these sketches, especially the faun and its legs.

    Zoo trip to go photograph or sketch bears?
    Also human faces are hard to draw with lines, they are mostly surfaces.

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