Kissing Carrion: slower to update than even Strangehaven

MANY MANY YEARS AGO… like, 2004… I wrote a comic for my final project at university/wrote my dissertation on the British Comics industry & how to write a comic yadda yadda bloo blah. That thing was called Kissing Carrion & was A VAMPIRE DETECTIVE AND HIS CROSS-DRESSING SIDE-KICK because I am not now and nor have I ever been a subtle or tasteful person.

First Issue
First Issue

(you can buy horrible-quality renditions of the original: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Lulu)

The original was illustrated by a much younger Gillian Blekkenhorst, who has since become a very accomplished artist and set-dresser and will be exhibiting at TCAF this year if you want to embarrass her with the knowledge of this comic’s existence.

It received a lukewarm response because it’s something I wrote and that is pretty much how I go, but my friend Rotem Shuval – who also designed my St Sebastian tattoo – was really into it, and I gave her the script to the second issue to illustrate at her leisure.

Since then the script has been lost and found and so have her pages: she’s been without a scanner for years, and on the other side of the world (literally: in Japan), but recently got a new scanner and sent me some of the pages she drew.

Page 23 of the second issue, Rotem Shuval; click to enlarge.
Page 23 of the second issue, Rotem Shuval; click to enlarge.
Page 24 of the second issue, Rotem Shuval; click to enlarge.
Page 24 of the second issue, Rotem Shuval; click to enlarge.

It’s been so long since I finished that script (2005?) that I have completely forgotten everything that I wrote, and it’s like reading someone else’s work. Pretty weird. I gave up on any idea of collaborating to write comics a long, long time ago: it’s not as if I have the money to pay artists, or the goodwill of artists who are willing to work on spec in the hopes of being paid for their work in the future, and I can hardly say to someone “bring my vision to life, for free, and never see a penny for it because neither will I”. I know there are people out there who are capable of forming that sort of working relationship with someone but they’re definitely not me; however, it’s pretty good to see someone having fun with a script of mine, so who knows?

Maybe I’ll just knock some out now and then and let whoever have a go at them when they want.


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