NaNoWriMo 2013: The Circle is complete.

I promise I didn’t just call this book The Circle so I could make that horrible joke. It’s only a pleasant side-effect.

Today, a day after I scheduled it (for which we shall have to blame the dentist) but 20,000 words over predicted length (for which we shall have to blame my accursed verbosity), I finished the first draft of The Circle, and am now free to devote myself to other things, like embroidery, drawing, sewing, making jewellery, reading London Falling by Paul Cornell, etc.

Except I got another T E Lawrence biography in the post yesterday so what I am most likely to spend December doing is “cry-wanking over T E Lawrence” again. At this point, it’s almost a tradition.

Speaking of tradition, there’s something else I have to add to this sparse little post:

Gosh, isn’t that ugly?

All done for another year!


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