Embroidery: Pulp II, Pulp Harder

So I started embroidering Pulp lyrics onto an old lab coat which I possess for reasons relating to poor-decision-making while drunk (there is a funny story attached to this coat, but it is a certain value of “funny” and involves head injuries, being barred from a pub which no longer exists, and A&E at The Whittington in Archway and I’m not sure people would find it so much humorous as disturbing). Embroidery, while resulting in a lot of bloodshed, swearing, and squinting (like almost everything else I do) provides a pleasant break from other forms of existence, like “trying to pitch a book you haven’t finished writing yet to a person who is only sitting there because they’ve been paid to listen to your bullshit and they’re not even a psychiatrist”, “trying to write that book”, and “mindlessly buying more bookshelves because the tide of books through your flat is unceasing and unstoppable”.

Here, then, are the latest two installations in the ongoing “art” project: put all the Pulp lyrics I like onto a coat, which … has the important social message of … something something disposable culture and the link between private and public, etc.

Like a Friend, Pulp
Weeds II (Origin of the Species), Pulp

Like a Friend (video, lyrics)
Weeds II (Origin of the Species) (video, lyrics)


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