Embroidery: I managed to write something which doesn’t contain the world “cunt”

I mean my embroidery doesn’t contain the word “cunt”. And actually, at the moment, neither does my novel. The novel is going relatively well, and despite being 91,000 words long and growing, it does not yet contain the word “cunt”, which is remarkable. I can’t speak for that long without saying it.

While writing is going well, I do need to break up the business of throwing up an entire book, and the parachute dress (I WILL POST ABOUT THIS) is not yet completed; however, embroidery is getting more fun since I watched a BBC4 documentary about opus anglicanum (the embroidery of pre-plague England which was famous throughout Europe for its quality and cost) and learned about some more stitches.

The project which has taken me the longest has to remain under wraps as it’s a present for someone, but I did also threaten to, and then go through with, embroider lyrics from a Pulp song onto a lab coat:

Lyrics from “Death II” by Pulp; photo by J. Reilly

This was done in split-stitch, which provides a continuous, unbroken line, and I think next I’m going to take lyrics from “Like a Friend”. One can never have too much Pulp.


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