NaNoWriMo 2013: Torture By Word Count

Several years ago I decided to stop being competitive about the word count in this November stupidity and concentrate on hitting the plot points that I had allotted for each day’s writing. That, I thought, would be easier. I could probably hit a reasonable target for a first draft of a novel and as I always end up having to put two chapters in roughly 4/5ths of the way through when editing it because that is where I typically run out of steam, the whole thing would be a nice, reasonable size and there was no need to get wound up about word counts.

Just because everyone else is losing their heads about word counts, I thought, doesn’t mean you need to. Your problem is that you are too verbose, if anything. The only time you “failed” NaNo it was because you got 80,000 words instead of the 100,000 you were aiming for. You just concentrate on writing the plot points you need to pass.

If nothing else this pep talk demonstrates that I’m an idiot, as every year I end up fretting not only about plot points but about word count at the same time.

This year I wrote 4,800 words on day one, and have just written 8,800 words on day two. All the plot points which needed to be hit in these two days of outlined writing have been successfully hit. Magic and doom abound. It is a success.

Now I have shooting pains in my forearms.


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