Shirt to Skirt

Yesterday, when I could have been doing anything vaguely productive with my time, I spent most of the day turning a shirt I’d already altered into an underskirt.

Front view
Front view

Laced up with a ribbon lace left over from some Diesel trainers I bought in Amsterdam several years ago: the trainers are long gone but the laces have been recycled; waistband from fabric left over from making another dress; lace edging bought at a market years ago; lacing grommet strips left over from an attempt to recycle a wedding dress which was too small for me.

side view
Side view
Back View
Back view

Originally split as shirt-tails.

The cotton making up the shirt tails at the back I think comes from some left over which was bought to make a pair of bloomers many years ago. The front was cut off the shirt and is being stored for other use: the sleeves were unpicked, stitched together, and then folded back in darts along the waistline: the back of the shirt was cut off at waist height, then sewn into the gap at the front, below the shirt sleeves, and edged with lace. The shirt in question was originally £2 from ASDA’s prestigious George range in 2004 and now doesn’t fit me.

And here is the underskirt in action:

Visible petticoats are very in. Because I said so.
Visible petticoats are very in. Because I said so.

Overskirt is a wrap skirt bought from an Indian import shop in Camden for the wallet-scalping price of £2.99 (it is silk, even); knee-high buttero Docs purchased from the British Boot Company in Camden after a certain amount of panicked flailing around every corner of the city looking for a line which had been tragically discontinued. They are now my pride and joy, which unfortunately doesn’t preclude wading though bramble patches in them.


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