Witness the fruits of my labours.

Apparently I am the only person in Haringey who can correctly identify elderberries and understands that they are edible and in fact make a wicked purple cordial as well as a very syrupy wine, and also has the patience to strip half a tree while waiting for the bus, and then remove those fiddly little fucks from bunches and stew them.

I bought the Voss water because I liked the bottle, and it’s turned out useful.

Spiced Elderberry Cordial Syrup is the recipe I used, adjusted for quantity and what was available in my house (I put in cinnamon and cloves because my love for cinnamon bears no resemblance to reason). This involved turning my hands, one of my t-shirts, and a certain amount of the kitchen a vivid dark purple, and now I feel like my mother: the smell of stewed fruit is probably reminiscent of many people’s childhoods, but I do sort of wonder how common that really is in London.

(in an attempt to avoid editing and plotting/researching, we made brownies yesterday as well).


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