Sometimes the desire for extremely chocolatey goodness overpowers simple things like common sense and the notion of food groups, and drives one to acquire flour, sugar, butter, three bars of cooking chocolate, and a punnet of raspberries to accompany the “purchased in a fit of pique” packet of cocoa powder from Paul A Young, and work on this recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food.

And sometimes one goes a little overboard on the shopping trip and also buys chocolate fudge frosting and a jar of salted caramel sauce as well to put on top of said brownies.

I should point out that the process of cooking – baking especially – is usually far beyond me and my contribution to this project was to weigh and sieve the flour and cocoa, and shout relayed instructions from the recipe to My Glamorous (and less stupid) assistant, and then set a timer. Which, apparently, you can do by typing “set timer to [x] minutes” into Google. It even has an alarm.

Photo by Glamorous Assistant

This is the end result with salted caramel on it. It is unfeasibly moist, exceptionally chocolatey, and possibly lethal. I haven’t even managed to eat a whole piece of it on my own yet.


Photo also by Glamorous Assistant

Which is a problem because there are two trays of this distressingly delicious stuff and they only stay good for three days … there is a distinct possibility that I’m going to assault people in the street and try to feed it to them in the manner of a baked goods evangelist…

The little indentations are where the raspberries lurk.

On the plus side, I now know what kind of bribery system to use should I ever incur the mild displeasure of a boss.

(Glamorous Assistant has just indignantly pointed out that she did most of the work, and paid for the ingredients barring the cocoa powder, and that my major contribution was to repeat the amounts as many times as she asked me. I also “iced” the salt caramel sauce, which should explain why it’s such a mess.)


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