Interim activity: Dresses.

Some of my friends are hideous enablers. One of them decided to enable my obsessive clothing-making spree by buying me a wadge (technical term) of pretty fabric:

Chinese dragons, peacock feathers, and near-instant fraying are features of this fabric.

Endless swearing was involved in making this dress, because while my cohabitee had to deal with sizing up the pattern (a re-purposed “medieval gown”, sans sleeves) from an 18 to a 28, I still had to sew this bitch festival fabric and unpick at least two seams because I managed to sew it wrong, with it fraying more and more every time.

More cooperative fabric and a hidden zip.

This is a re-purposed pattern for a 1940s skirt and blouse, minus the sleeves. The fit is actually surprisingly good, and I’ve had to install a zip in one of the side seams so that I can actually get it on and off.

Remaining are olive green taffeta and gold lace, as well as a pile of things (bodice, waistcoat) which need me to do finishing touches and fitting which I don’t want to do because it is hotter than Satan’s ballsack here and putting on clothes repeatedly makes me want to cry.


2 thoughts on “Interim activity: Dresses.

    1. I was lucky in that they were bought for me from my sewing stuff wishlist, and I’ve been wracking my brains for ways to do justice to the generosity of my benefactor. 😀

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