Confluence of events

On the 2nd of July two things happened which affect my sewing progress on the million projects I have laid out for myself (including the accidental production of a pair of red snakeskin trousers).

  1. A friend and patron bought me about an acre of really beautiful burgundy taffeta with gold foil patterns on it, and another friend instructed me that I’m making myself a dress out of it.
  2. Which might be a little hard to do, as while I was trying to finish off the aforementioned red snakeskin trousers (made from an adapted leggings pattern), my sewing machine had a tantrum. I fixed it, it promptly threw another. This continued until the whole thing was completely locked up, at which point my partner in crime and cohabiting and I took the thing as much to pieces as we could (it’s been out of warranty for about 5 years, probably longer, given that I got it in late 2005). It was pretty much fucked, and I was faced with a choice between getting a service on it and potentially paying for new parts, or just ordering a slightly less decrepit sewing machine.

I opted for the latter, but even scraping the “special buy” section at John Lewis has set me back more than I can really handle, so…

… I am doing what I’ve just been told is a “buy my shit post”, or more accurately the less humiliating version of begging for Paypal donations (I don’t think I’m down to that yet).

If none of it appeals to you personally, remember that having a box of “gifts for emergencies” is super useful and makes you look like you’re thoughtful and on the ball. Also that I will definitely thank you for it.


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