a compendium of poems about [greek myths]

Getting people to read poetry or even buy poetry books is an endless experiment in formats. The larger collections are too much of a risk for most people to take on unknown poets, so I’m having a go at making tiny collections around specific themes as a kind of taster introduction to the things I’ve written.

I’ve retired the first, a compendium of poems about [science], and as of today you can buy a compendium of poems about [greek myths] if it takes your fancy.

Click on image to buy

Subject matter includes Ganymede, the beautiful boy Zeus abducted in the form of an eagle; Persephone, Demeter’s daughter who spends half of every year in the land of the Dead with her husband Hades; Icarus, the possibly-arrogant young man who flew too close to the sun on the wings constructed by his father Daedalus; Cassandra, cursed with prophecies no one believed; and Ameinias, the unfortunate spurned would-be lover of Narcissus (cover art) who cursed him with knowing what it felt like to fall in love with him and be rejected.

The cover art is taken from this digital painting, from a series of works about mythological boys I did for a friend of mine.


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