Photos from the Cutty Sark & A Trip Up the Thames

Holidaying in my own city continues to provide me with excellent entertainment but it does mean I forget all my anecdotes by the time I get home.



i took this photo of the officer’s kitchen on the cutty sark in a mild rage because IT IS BIGGER THAN THE KITCHEN IN MY FLAT

Worth note: it was been a very beautiful day, the Cutty Sark has become much more education-and-activity oriented since I visited when I was 8, and CityCruise have an unofficial but quite funny commentary on the sights you can see on the way up form Greenwich to Westminster.

an “Old Fashioned” at the BFI Bar

Also I had one of these recently. I got it because I demanded that I be given a cocktail that the bartender thought I should have, and this was what he thought. Previously the same bartender has invented a black cherry daiquiri for me due to a lack of strawberries. The BFI Riverfront Bar is one of my favourite places to cocktail for a reason!


3 thoughts on “Photos from the Cutty Sark & A Trip Up the Thames

    1. From what I read at the site, the LFB ensured that they lost very little original material, and they made a point of distinguishing between original and restored material inside the ship. It looks pretty damn good!

      1. That’s amazing. I remember seeing the fire on the news with my heart in my boots, but I should have had more faith in restorers. They do astonishing work.

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