Book Release/Art Post: Sketchbook

In a possibly damning indictment of how I choose to spend my time, I’ve discovered that my line drawings and warm-up sketches, done while avoiding work, have mounted up to the point where I can shove them all into a little sketchbook thing and make them available more cheaply (alas also at correspondingly lower print quality) than the individual finished images on Redbubble.

Click for sales page

The majority of sketches in this book have appeared on this blog, and can still be viewed by checking the category “content: artwork” (in the sidebar).

In the grand scheme of entertaining myself at the moment I am doing well: thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes of Hannibal with Hugh Dancy, Laurence Fishburne, and Mads Mikkelsen, and am looking forwards to more. From what I’ve seen online opinion is split. I wouldn’t call it a revolutionary and fresh approach to television, but I’ve grown so jaded with scripted TV dramas that I am frankly just pleased the dialogue and characterisation don’t immediately make me want to punch a hole in the screen and forswear the experience of owning eyes.

In the field of written media I’m taking a break from my relentless consumption of every single Cadfael book ever published in order to finish reading G W Dahlquist’s Glass Books trilogy, ploughing through The Chemickal Marriage with the same urgency that took me through the first two in short order. I hope to write about the trilogy in more depth when I’ve finished the final part.


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