Art Post: Persephone’s Performance

The story of Persephone and Hades is open to a variety of interpretations. I’ve written a sestina taking the approach of Persephone as a girl who falls in with her junkie boyfriend; you can use Hades as a stand-in for a lot of things, or you can approach it as others have done, as a willing escape from a less-than-perfect situation (something I used as the basis of a poem about Ganymede last month).

So far I’ve already used Persephone’s name for a close-up of a pomegranate. So I thought I’d have a little bash at Persephone taking her seeds with pleasure.

Persephone’s Performance: click for prints.

Finding reference of the specific pose I wanted was impossible, and this second-best was only achieved by finding a .gif of pornography and then taking the frame. I am quite sure that if I was any good at intuitively determining the correct search terms for reference archives, I would be a lot better at finding good reference images. As it stands, I used a low-quality .gif and the idea of Persephone’s acceptance of the seeds as a pornographic performance sprang from the reference material, so it wasn’t entirely a bad diversion.


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