An Offering of Choral Music

I should be back to posting more regularly soon, as I’m sure everyone has missed my inane digressions into entry-level 12th Century history, obsessive sobbing about T E Lawrence, and vague burbling about art and music, even if no one’s missed my self-important lectures about how to write.

In the meantime, I have brought an offering of 10 hours of plainchant, because why not?


2 thoughts on “An Offering of Choral Music

  1. Your current plainchant/ye olde chorale/whatever the technical term is kick is making me very happy, and I am glad to be on a platform that encourages me to actually notice things being shared in a sort of tangible way.

    1. It goes by “Gregorian chant” a lot of the time as well. Very good to listen to in the same way oddly that instrumental stuff is, good for writing to as well.

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