Art Dump: Statues

As snow does for my mood what it does for the national railways, all productivity ceased the other day and I skulked around my flat listening to Howard Goodall talking about Mozart (and swearing, because I don’t like Mozart) until I was in enough of a good mood to cheer myself up by drawing silly pictures of statues:

Not actually a statue
Alexander the Great
“The Sluggard” (Frederic, Lord Leighton) plus grumpy caption
Michelangelo’s David, plus acoutrements

Aside from demonstrating a) my weird obsession with doing line art in dark red and b) that I should never be allowed either to talk to people on Twitter (whence springs the David) or to use Photoshop, the last came out quite well, so I put it on a t-shirt.

Fabulous Pop Art Drag David by delilahdesanges
Click on it to buy it or see the image properly

We shall just have to hope that I can get my writing groove back on or there will be more of this nonsense.


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