Art Post: Watercolour shadows.

I don’t even have the excuse of finishing a rewrites section today, I wrote a small handful of paragraphs and then went to Greenwich for what ended up being the primary purpose of “finding a toilet” (I did eat some duck as well, and I bought a book). Snow everywhere, which continues to be a strange experience: London wearing white like London has any business implying purity. Fittingly it’s rather like someone chucking a sheet over all the usual horrors and pretending nothing’s down there for the duration: London is still grubby and grim underneath. And I did manage to find a toilet, a set of Victorian-looking conveniences under the street. And Greenwich train station was established in 1838. Did you know that? NOW YOU DO.

In my continuing attempts to avoid productivity, then:

I had a lot of fun with layers, colours, and light sources with this, and I’m really pleased that I’ve finally got the hang of watercolour-style shadows like what my mate Gillian’s been doing for years and years (my mate Gillian is a proper artist and set-dresser and once foolishly did a comic with me, I am just an occasional dabbler in Photoshop and horrible sketchy pen drawings).

Sometimes, internet, I just want to draw pretty pictures of pretty men.


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