New Year, New Offer

I’m not sure it’s really an “offer” so much as a “permanent price drop”, but: as of now, all the Kindle versions of books I’ve put out (with the exception of the charity anthology) are now $1.99 or less.

In keeping with this, the eBooks on the site (PDFs) have been dropped to a maximum of £1.45, which depending on fluctuations on the exchange rate may or may not be the same price. Amazon insists that everything is index-linked to the US dollar, while Lulu allows me to set prices originally in GB sterling. Confusing!

Unfortunately due to the costs of print-on-demand publishing I can’t lower the price on the print books, but you will get the warm glow of knowing you have a big hunk of dead tree in your hands which can’t be arbitrarily deleted from your eReader (as a Kindle owner-and-user I am more than a little wary of the tendency of said eReaders to go bananas and suddenly decide I can’t read books that I’ve paid for: as a consequence of this there is NO DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT applied to the things I’ve published where that’s an option). You’ll also get the fuzzy feeling of me getting slightly more of my own royalties!

… We will pretend that constitutes a reward. But! Some of my books are very heavy so if you don’t like them you can put them in a bag and use them to knock out burglars.

If you’ve already read basically everything I’ve ever published ever, my mate Lee “Budgie” Barnett has his 12 Days of Fast Fiction available FREE in .ePub and .mobi formats, and m’colleague Melanie Clegg as ever has her fabulous historical novels at a very affordable price.

Kindle | Lulu

(Cross your fingers that my next post is something more interesting than throwing a tantrum about how annoying writing plot outlines is).


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