December Links Post

Things I have done

  • Reached a stage of procrastination so acute that I thought it was a good idea to start making Etsy Treasuries.

Things friends have done

Things strangers have done

  • Made this great tutorial on how to make your own filigree masquerade mask. I think you’d need steadier hands than I have to make it work.
  • On the theme of tutorials, this blog is full of useful beading tutorials.
  • Created this beautiful costuming and tapestry blog which is full of very revealing and fascinating posts (illustrated with photographs, of course) for anyone interested in those crafts.
  • Written a very charming round-up of English letters that ceased to be English letters as a result of French printing presses, or for other less amusingly xenophobic reasons.
  • Made what a friend describes as “an in-browser tool for making up nonsense words to your phonetic requirements”.
  • The British Library has made available online a truly staggering number of medieval European illuminated manuscripts.
  • Made an entire kit for constructing a language from scratch!

That’s all for this year! Have a happy new year, everyone who observes the Gregorian calendar, and I hope 2013 is better.


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