November Links Post

Things my friends have done

  • I can now say with absolute sincerity that I have had a song composed about me (by my dear friend Hana), and I will just have to sit on the fact that she wrote it because I pouted at her after she wrote a song about our mutual friend Fiona (and that mostly because Fiona rhymes with boner. We are an intellectually robust cabal). This is worth listening to just to hear Hana break down in giggles mid-verse.
  • Written a rather beautiful poem.

Things strangers have done

  • Pertinent to the month which has just passed by us, the Guardian have published a guide on how to write a book in 30 days.
  • Set Skillex’s most well-known track into a piano piece, in which it sounds as well-composed and wonderful as ever, but perhaps less grating for those who, like one of the commenters, have strong negative feelings about dubstep.
  • The Foreign Institute Service has developed a series of language courses and put them online for free.
  • This deviantartist has created a tutorial on how to draw backgrounds using Google Sketchup.
  • More appropriate links to the month just passed, and for anyone who still wants to be a writer: your lack of confidence is neither interesting nor unique.
  • Memrise, who appear to specialise in mnemonics, have some courses on learning Irish.
  • On the subject of Gaelic, there is a handy pronunciation guide here.

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