NaNo Log Day Please Let’s Not Get Into This

After a couple of days grinding away at the plot outline and making alterations to chapter outlines as I went along and getting disproportionately angry with people at the library for their choices in dealing with their colds (sitting in the corner of the mezzanine at a recently-vacated desk muttering blow your fucking nose don’t sniff like a very cross version of my own mother), I thought I’d take today off. I thought, having managed to keep up with my own constantly-shifting goalposts and being in the third act and having many days of November left ahead of me, I would pop off to a museum with a friend of mine and we’d have a gay old time and I would if necessary scribble a few words when I got home.

What actually happened was that the whole of London ganged up to be as irritating as humanly possible and several people on the Tube tried to stink-eye me into not writing in my notebook and failed, and then my phone – glorious tower of impracticality that it is – decided that not having enough credit to send a text message meant that it wasn’t going to receive any so I ended up standing in the wrong place to meet my friend for about twenty minutes. Then I ran – well, waddled – off to find her, couldn’t, realised I was going to have to top up my phone credit if I ever wanted to explain where I’d got to, spent far too long looking for a cash point, bawled at a chugger not to even start with me, and once I’d finally credited my phone I took a depth breath and started leaving angry voicemails for the friend I was supposed to be meeting instead of, I don’t know, just leaving one and then waiting for her.

Net result: friend decided that if I was going to shout at her on the phone she didn’t want to hang out with me (reasonable), I went back home and wrote about 50% of what I normally write in a day, and felt like a prize dickhead once I’d finally calmed down enough to stop muttering “cunt” under my breath at everyone who looked in my direction.



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