NaNo Log Day 10

At present I seem to be alternating one good day with one bad one in terms of output, and today was both a disappointment and less of a disappointment than the last time this happened: I covered all of the plot points I felt it necessary to cover, and I didn’t get into word-count-chasing padding which would have annoyed me and just have to be removed later anyway.

In terms of plot I’ve hit another crucial moment in the story, and thanks to the nature of this story what I need to write tomorrow is also very clear: I’m hoping that will make it easier to write, rather than shorter to write, but as I’m just on the verge of breaking the end of Act Two now I’m beginning to get the “god make this end” feeling. Which is not a perfect way to feel one third into the month, but I am quite sure I can make it a little longer before this degenerates into the usual end-section slog where I bitch and whine and complain and spend most of the time at the computer glaring at the screen sobbing “why won’t you just end?“. Prior to NaNoWriMo – which I have been doing for six or seven years – the “why won’t you just end” stage didn’t ever show up because I usually gave up somewhere in the first act, or was so deranged about a story (the first “novel” I wrote when I was 16) that I didn’t care how long it went on for: now I have a better proportion of finished to unfinished projects (although the latter still vastly outnumbers the former) and a burning sense of resentment for the English language around day 20.

It may be worth noting that the sudden drop in productivity coincided with the library wireless connecting to my netbook… because I have no self-control.


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