NaNo Log Day 9

Today I hit the minimum word count for NaNoWriMo (50,000), kept going, and wrote 6,000-ish words in one sitting. The characters had a reasonable amount of vitality and inner life, I didn’t feel like I was forcing their interactions and I wasn’t as annoyed by the prose quality as I have been, so either I have Stockholm Syndrome as a result of spending nine solid days with my own horrible writing, or it is gradually improving.

At any rate, this is an improvement in terms of mood from yesterday’s discontent and self-flagellation, so let us hope I can keep it up a little while longer and not faceplant in laziness now that the prop of my temporary job has been removed and don’t have to write long-hand with a notebook balanced on my knees in the staff toilet.

In terms of progress through the narrative I am coming to the end of the second act, and am both excited and nervous for the dramatic events and so on as well as slightly worried about their lack of impact and the possibility that the entire plot is slightly thin, but overall I’m hoping that the strength of character voice and interaction will carry it where the plot does not. On the plus side, I do have enough material for a sequel, if I can motivate myself to it and if anyone likes this one enough to want a sequel.


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