NaNo Log Day 3

The library shuts earlier on Saturdays, so I was slightly panicked about being able to get my allotted amount of writing done, especially as I didn’t leave the house as much on time as I’d have liked. As it turned out, I was finished with two hours to spare, but I remain concerned enough for tomorrow’s progress (the library shuts even earlier on Sundays) that I’m considering trying to get a head start on that tonight rather than my original plan of “stop freaking out, read some Cadfael, stop freaking out”. The important component in that plan was the Cadfael but I suspect “stop freaking out” would be useful too.

Because I haven’t had to spend all morning at work, and nor have I tried to force my brain to write prose longhand at 6.15am on the Tube while people elbow me and look incredulous, today’s writing involved less typing up with additions than weekday writing does and more straight composition onto the screen. Both work for me, as approaches, but this way the writing isn’t getting the subconscious editing for word choice twice-over which I suspect probably helps the weekday work a little, even if writing this way is less gruelling than writing it once and then typing it up while making changes.

Feedback so far has been cautiously positive, which is a little upsetting as feedback is usually effusive, but it does confirm my fears that so far the whole thing seems turgid. There’s a possibility that it will pick up soon, due to plot-related stuff, and that I’ll be able to run with it after that, but I’m already painfully aware that pacing is my major failing in fiction as it is. Fingers firmly crossed, as I hate editing so much that if I blow this one this badly I’m not coming back to it to pick up the pieces.


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