October Links Post

Things friends & acquaintances have done

  • I wrote a poem in response to a prompt some time ago: the artist who prompted me has responded with a set of truly astounding illustrations. I wish to draw everyone’s attention both to the beautiful detail in the inkwork, and to the light on the crown and the face of the beast. Top-notch.
  • Likewise in the arts arena, acquaintance and fellow-writer Anna J Roberts has popped out another book, and this one has my cover design on it.
  • It was my birthday yesterday, and to celebrate my friend F wrote me a poem to my requirements: about fish.
  • And then my friend Kevin drew me a dude being eaten by a tentacle monster, because my friends know me.

Things strangers have done

  • Written a thought-provoking and to my mind/experience at least very accurate article about classism and academic jargon turning working-class women off feminism.
  • Created very funny and eerily accurate fake announcements on the London Underground.
  • Provided a concise and very helpful guide on content-editing your own work, which I think I will be referring back to regularly myself.
  • Created a thing, or possibly a whatsit, which scans Twitter for tweets in iambic pentameter, and then arranges them into poems.
  • Offered some handy hints for getting ahead with NaNoWriMo.
  • Made a Fibonacci cabinet, which is beautiful nerdery, or possibly a demonstration of why the Golden Ratio is so important in everything.

3 thoughts on “October Links Post

  1. Thank you very much for the linkage! Scary to think it’s All NaNo’s Eve again, isn’t it? I’m already feeling queasy – not sure if it’s the half bucket of Haribos that the local Trick or Treaters haven’t eaten or the prospect of writing 50k in a month.

      1. Why does it always feel like this about four hours before midnight on Nov 1st? I always feel fine once I START but shortly before beginning it’s like “Oh God, what if I start typing and everything that comes out is utter shash?” Very strange.

        Oh, and happy belated birthday, by the way.

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