What’s it called when you turn your age on the date?

Hello. Today I am 30, an age that for various reasons I wasn’t expecting to get to. Since not-dying is worth celebrating, between now and when I actually get to have my celebration (the 1st of December), all the books on Lulu are reduced, all the jewellery currently up on Etsy is reduced, and between now and the 1st of November, The Breaking of M is FREE on the Kindle Store.

If you’re into buying presents, my Amazon Wishlist and Etsy Favourites; if you’re not into money-spending/broke, I really like it when people do fanart/writing for me. Stick figures are fine. Haiku are terrible but I appreciate the effort anyway. Really I’d just like to hear from you.

(I’m tempted also to say I will provide free Kindle copies of anything people have bought of mine in print, but I’ve no idea how to work it).


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