Art: Vito Alessandro Bonifatigo

A little light character drawing to occupy my time. On my return from Australia I plunged ahead and finished the first draft of one book (The Breaking of M, which will be published under a pseudonym because it’s a significantly different genre to the usual fare and I’d like to keep those facets of myself if not separate then at least available under different Google searches), and then started editing the second draft of another (As Simple As Hunger). Having blustered a good 130,000 words out in the last couple of months I’ve promptly but not entirely unexpectedly been hit with chronic block, and am amusing myself with drawing until it goes away.

Here, then, is one of the three major players in The Breaking of M, Padre Vito Alessandro Bonifatigo:

Vito Alessandro Bonifatigo

The observant will note it’s more of a coloured sketch than a proper picture: it turns out that not really doing anything for a while does cause everything to atrophy.


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