Art post: Hyacinth and Apollo

I work very, very slowly, and so it’s taken a rather long time to get this to a stage where I believe it is “finished” (or more accurately “I am never going to work on it again”).

This is Hyacinthus and Apollo, as described in Ovid’s Metamorphoses (which I read on the way too and from work during an alarmingly hot summer which also featured the Tube exploding), and part of an intended five-part series of mythological figures in art. So far I have Bacchus, Narcissus, Ganymedes, and now Hyacinthus and Apollo: the remaining picture is Icarus.

Hyacinthus and Apollo
Prints available

Pretty much as soon as I started this I knew choosing a woodland glen as a setting rather than the nice clean countryside of the other pictures was going to be a mistake – even the grassy meadow Bacchus is frolicking through isn’t as much as a royal pain to render as the leaf-litter. To compensate for this, the Icarus painting takes place mostly against the sky, although I still have the feathers to paint which I’m sure won’t be at all annoying…

It is worth pointing out that my father is a painter of reasonable skill (if you like landscapes in oil); it’s also worth pointing out that if talent is hereditary it clearly skips a generation.


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