What Has It Got In Its Notebookeses?

As you will no doubt have gathered from my unceasing whining about it, I moved house recently. Having fused somewhat with the previous accommodation as a result of inhabiting it in typically carefree (and slovenly) style for seven solid years, I have been finding all sorts of gems amid the detritus that act as unintentional time capsules.

Obviously we also have the internet for that, but there is something rather fascinating about what I felt it necessary to note down and what I thought I was still going to understand later.

Following excerpts come from a green spiral-bound notebook purchased in Paris around Christmas 2005, and filled up in spurts as I found and lost it again.

Ceci c’est mon sang, ceci c’est mon corps.

Some men seek what other men have never had to find; some men search while others exist in a state of blissful now.

you’re naked said digory rather unnecessarily yes replied the boy and you’re wearing awful clothes

Ou est les enfants? NYOM NYOM I ATES THE BABIES! Tu manger les enfants? Mal Grandmere!

He lacks ennui
His penis functions

J’ne parle pas Angelaise mais je suis madamoiselle pleasante!


Santa’s stomach strains with the naughty children that he has devoured [this was written across the belly of the single most sinister and carnivorous-looking Santa Claus I have ever seen]

Andy Warhol is perturbed and enraged by reality television

“I’m eating Jaffa cakes in an ossuary. Is that normal?”

David (Jacques-Louis) 1748-1825
Leonidan aux Thermopyles

Look at some ‘cartoons’ of Orpheous & Eurydice: Orpheous kind of minging.

— “If I throw up now, I can eat some more!”

I am up to the bit just before the poet gives them his poem — Before sunrise.

7. sewing is tessellation – pattern-solving

NB: If you want to write like Pat Barker – shorter sentences. Less florid language. Less poeticism.

–> Essence of meaning — the poetic equation/proof — elegance in brevity.

Matteo di Giovanni (died 1495)
Saint Sebastian 1480-5

Masculinity & Brotherhood in WW1 & WWII
Cross-dressing/transgenderism in ancient cultures

Always looking for the sociology or meta meaning/reason BEHIND things. Worried that life is one big ALLEGORY

“The fencer’s weapon is picked up & put down again. The boxer’s is part of him.” .2.9 [I think this is from Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, judging by the context it’s in]

Only at the personal level can something be “against your beliefs”.

Anatomical unravelling in progress (y)

Purity is not something to be brought about by bleach.

“One would like evil people to be lazy and stupid ones to keep their mouths shut.”

“Petty souls are more susceptible to ambition than great ones, just as straw or thatched cottages burn more easily than palaces.”

[several drunken pages of scribbling as I tried to work out a better plot than the Da Vinci Code in a pub, shortly after seeing the film]

Vassilly, huh? Holst feels usurped by Blake. Blake asks S. for any further contacts and S says no very firmly, so Blake, out of nowhere, smacks S into a wall quite casually. Even Holst is appalled.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

When spoken of the disassociative personality diminishes his or her sense of aloofness and disconnect but momentarily [in a speech bubble, spoken by a reclining stick figure]

The Republic of Ireland was invented by Oliver Cromwell and the Jews after they realised that it was going to be many hundreds of years before ‘wipe the potato-chewing drunken bastards off the globe’ could truly be put into effect. [definitely recall writing this in the pub to annoy someone specific]

more black eyelet tape.

LARGE CODPIECE! Gumbo: Rabbit? Liver?

Letter from Julie to Peter Cross

[random Greek which I have no memory of and no idea what it says]


[Drawing of an owl wearing a hoodie]

R.M.S. = 0.707 x peak

Waves add and either cancel (out of phase) or amplify (in phase) a standing wave is when reflections from parallel surfaces [sentence not finished]

1) Use a room with no parallel walls

But no, I will laugh. It is fine insulation, even the bitter kind. Keep forcing laughter until it becomes real.

“Every labyrinth twist another dead end.”


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