April Links Post

Things my friends have done:

  • The lovely Holly Y has also participated in National Poetry Month, with a good deal more flair and humour than I.

Things I have done:

Things strangers have done:

  • Written a rather funny article about how to write the Great American Novel. I’d write the Great British Novel but a) I’m not very good and b) it’s already been written.
  • Reproduced Rudyard Kipling’s advice on living in London, all of which is entirely pertinent in every possible way, especially the bit about not rolling in the grass in the parks.
  • In 1935, Sigmund Freud managed to display a more enlightened attitude toward homosexuality than an depressingly large number of modern politicians, as evidenced in this letter.
  • Captured beautiful photos of London’s landmarks and landscapes … in reflections in street puddles.
  • Natasha Hodgson has reviewed Battleship, thus removing any need to see it, and also making me do a small laughter-wee.
  • Speculated on Why Americans Hate the Media.

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