National Poetry Month: Day 21

Solar Flare

The man was foolish, for he was young
but when he exchanged jail for the sun,
was he stupid, was he vain
clutching at what he couldn’t tame
or did he long, as young men do
(as the moon to the earth and i to you),
to touch what is beautiful and forbidden
with all the light already within him,
to shine as bright, outside and in,
with hot wax falling on his skin?
Icarus was foolish, for he was young
but the flight he took must be redone
by all those who one day hope to leave
the prison of what our fathers believe.

— Delilah Des Anges

Rather than boring the few people reading with more prosody and anaemic deconstructions today, I thought I’d use the space beneath the poem to let new readers know that House of D Publications will be putting out an anthology of works relating to the myth of Icarus later in the year to benefit Medecins sans Frontiere/Doctors Without Borders : information on how you can submit works for consideration for this anthology can be found here.

Throughout this month I will be nagging readers to donate to MSF


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