March Links Post

Things my friends have done

  • My friend Liza, recording under the name “Lizzie Borden”, has covered “Folkin’ Around” by Panic at the Disco, with her trusty ukulele.
  • A friend of a friend, B. L. Becotte, was taking commissions recently and has a brilliant, Bisette-reminiscent style, so I splashed out on having a scene from As Simple As Hunger illustrated.

Things I have done

Things strangers have done

  • Written about the sex diaries of respected economist and apparent bisexualist John Maynard Keynes.
  • Made a theremin out of a dead badger. Why, you may ask. Because it’s cool.
  • “Proven” (according to my sister) that “all rich people are bastards”. Or at least, are prone to cheating.
  • Created, played, and recorded a piece on violin strings made of spider silk.
  • Written about royal same-sex marriage … in 17th-Century England.
  • Discovered that bees have personalities! Some are apparently thrill-seeking, neophile bees, and others are cautious bees that like to stick to what they know best. I’m sure most apiarists would have said this before.
  • Come forth with another theory for what causes autism. I have an autistic spectrum disorder myself, and I can’t say I’m thrilled by the idea of “cures”. It does sort of suggest absolving society of having to be a little more tolerant of people who are different.
  • Provided a lot of X-rays of various families, genii, and species of fish. I love anatomy.
  • Written an eloquent and wide-ranging essay linking various protest movements around London, the grime scene, and a work of art created by a deranged Victorian arsonist. I often have mixed feelings about China Mieville’s work: while I broadly agree with his politics and find his stories fascinating sometimes I take issue with his use of language and I eternally find his eagerness to marry dance music and political protest somewhat embarrassing. However as with anyone the way to my heart is through an unyielding affection for London in all her dirty, broken, ever-changing glories, and China is never, ever short on that. Well worth reading.
  • Investigated giant squid and colossal squid eyes. It seems that their vast eyes might help them to spot evidence of sperm whales coming to eat them.
  • Flattered everyone who writes by suggesting that writing is really hard and requires loads of brainpower. I’m sure for good writers it’s something that requires a lot of delicate footwork but certainly not the way I do it!
  • Written about Casanova, who was more of an intellectual than his playboy depiction in popular culture would lead you to believe.

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