All of these are available from my Etsy shop for the terribly reasonable price of £14.99 plus P&P.

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Navy blue stretch girly cut t-shirt to fit a UK12, with attached vintage rosary. Tired of having to constantly reposition your necklace to get it lying just so? Can’t quite achieve the perfect rakish angle? Fed up with necklaces irritating the back of your neck? Well, we’ve solved that for you: this rosary is affixed to the t-shirt in the option rake position, and the ends of this dainty little beauty stop at the shoulder – enough for a necklace effect, but not enough to scratch your skin.

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Girly cut stretch t-shirt in grey, to fit UK size 12, featuring red thread, glass bead and acrylic bead embroidery on the shoulder. Perfect for convincing people – temporarily – that you’ve been mauled by a werewolf.

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Fits a UK size 16, can be worn by women or particularly hip men, as demonstrated by the long-suffering model; features black and white embroidered swirls, and a triple string of beaded chains and a detachable cross charm on the shoulder.



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