Jewellery Post: Posh Bling

All of the following listings are available to buy from my Etsy store.

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15 and a half to 17 inch / 39.5 to 43 centimetre multiple-strand gunmetal, silver plate and polished metal disc chain choker with silver plate and silver tone charms (crosses, wings, and holy medallions).

This busy, intense gothic masterpiece is striking and unique, and would go very well over a black, high-necked shirt, or with a low-cut dark-coloured dress.


Forest God
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17 inch / 43 centimetre necklace featuring silver tone stampings, silver plate chain, silver plate pins, acrylic beads, rhinestone bead, and vintage sterling silver (stamped) pendant with black jewel, and silver tone watch closure.

This delicate and beautiful silver necklace„ which features flowers, leaves, and intricate scroll work, has so many delightful details it’s almost impossible to take them all in!


Ocean Princess
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Necklace: 17 and a half inches / 44.5 centimetre silver plate pins, silver plate connectors, acrylic and glass beads with vintage centrepiece. Chain is hand-made.

Bracelet: 8 inch / 20.5 centimetre two-strand silver plate pins, silver plate connectors, acrylic and glass beads. Chain is hand-made.

Earrings: Silver plate pins & fish-hook ear wires, acrylic and glass beads.

With this exquisite, icy necklace you will be the belle or beau of any ball; glamorous and unique. it looks especially beautiful with silver, white, baby blue, or yellow.


Pearl Choker
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18 inch / 46 centimetre gold plate, raw brass, and vintage glass pearl choker necklace. Note: as the large pearls are sourced from vintage necklaces, some of them have experienced rubbing and loss of pearlescence in patches.

This gorgeous, dandy necklace is perfect for anyone who loves a little pre-Revolutionary French bling, and looks just as lovely on men as on women! It can be worn on its own or paired with a long pearl string.


black and white rosary
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31 and a half inch / 80 centimetre fine silver plate chain, silver plate pin, glass bead, glass pearl rosary with Italian-made centrepiece and crucifix.

This elegant and delicate rosary contrasts light and dark to represent the struggle between good and evil (and because it looks good), and the long chain can be looped to double up. These are neutral colours, and will go well with almost any outfit. This rosary is light enough for day wear, and paired with something more substantial will carry you well into the night, too.



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