Patron of the Arts

I love commissioning illustrations, and recently a friend of a friend, B. L. Becotte, was offering almost ludicrously cheap commissions for her Steve Bisette-like inky, dark, beautiful work. Naturally I fell over myself to ask for a commission or two, but had to take a moment to think about what, precisely, I should get. There are so many things I’d love to see drawn and don’t have the skill to draw, and it was almost impossible to narrow it down.

As Simple As Hunger, a fantasy novel of mine which is currently in the first draft stage and which features giant bugs, seemed the obvious candidate after our mutual friend assured me that the artist in question specialises in gore and body horror and would not be put off by my typically lurid requests (she had not stipulated any restrictions on commission subjects, but if someone’s doing something for me for money I don’t like to make them feel uncomfortable).

Here then is a key scene from As Simple As Hunger:

Commission by B.L. Becotte
Commission by B.L. Becotte

If you’re very quick she might still be offering commissions!


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