Art Post: Warrior Poets

This probably constitutes fan art, although there’s a grand tradition of doodling these two chaps so I shan’t beat myself up too badly about it.

It is a friend‘s birthday soon (“soon” is an alarming amount of accuracy for me and birthdays, I can just about remember that people have them every year but never quite seem to keep up with them), and as we discussed on our jaunt around the Imperial War Museum, she’s very fond of the late, great Siegfried Sassoon. There are much better ways of showing one’s appreciation for someone than scribbling a portrait of their best-beloved World War One poet in Photoshop, but I’m brassic at present so it’s the best I can do for now!

Siegfried Sassoon

I’m not altogether pleased with how this came out: I think I overdid the line work and as is only to be expected, my cross-hatching is pitiful. I should have stuck with hatching.

Having learnt from my mistakes, I stripped back a lot of the line work in this sketch of T. E. Lawrence (during his days as Airserviceman Shaw), and left out most of the hatching. I also didn’t try cross-hatching this time! A much better end result:


However, despite putting in a good few hours on it today, my attempts to finish my painting of Hyacinth and Apollo in a wooded glade some time before the heat death of the universe are not going very well at all.


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