National Poetry Month: A warning!

Well ahead of the August deadline, I’ve received a couple of submissions to the Icarus Anthology that I plan to put out in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders this autumn, which is excellent (and if you are interested please check out the link for more information).

It’s also coming up for April, which is National Poetry Month, although I’m not sure which nation that’s in and have adopted it as my own regardless.

Since 2009 I’ve used April’s status as National Poetry Month to challenge myself in the same way that I use November’s status as National Novel Writing Month to challenge myself (along with millions of other people!), and to raise money for MSF. For the duration of April, each year since 2009, I’ve written one poem a day and asked people to donate to MSF on my behalf at the end of the month, based on factors like “how much did I enjoy these poems” and “how much can I afford to give”.  The latter is important since I certainly don’t want people to ruin their household budget with donations!

However, just posting a poem every day for a month with no explanation is probably going to bore and annoy people, so this year I’m going to try to diversify a bit. First, I’m going to discount all the poetry books up for sale on House of D, because I am pathetically committed to encouraging people to read more poetry; second, I won’t just post poems for 30 days but also write a bit either about the poem and the prosody employed in it, or about poetry in general. Something along those lines!

And of course I will be hassling people to donate to MSF/DWB, but that part was a given.


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