Poetry Post: In the Midst of Etc.

In the midst of etc

Another morning you woke to death
on the news, and there was death
walking in the streets, and death
leapt in front of the commuter train, death
clutched her chest in the office, o death
followed you everywhere, a parade of death
grinning emptily as a skull as more death
flooded out of the subway exits, all death
as far as the eye could see, the cat’s death
in the gutter just another meaningless death
as you stopped on the pavement where death
had mown down a branch of flowers, in death
still beautiful, and found a bee, death
not quite clinging to her, her little death
held at bay by your warm palms as you, besieged by death
held life in your hands.

For more poetry, why not buy Know Your Words (with Al Kennedy & Amy Kreines), For the Love of a City, or Year of the Ghost (also available on Kindle).


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