Kindle Launch: The Other Daughter

Polly Mazlowczy has returned from a fictitious conflict in North Korea a changed woman. Just how changed, her strange and insular family and the people of an isolated Midwestern town are about to discover. The Other Daughter is a revenge tragedy of the old school given a modern twist.

This book is already available in print (and you can learn more about the book at that link too) but now that I’ve got the hang of Kindle Direct Publishing it’s also available as a Kindle book too. Because there are no printing costs to cover I can offer it a lot more cheaply for the Kindle (as should all publishers, which is another grumpy rant for another day but honestly, if the physical book is £7.99 the eBook shouldn’t be £7.99 as well! Come on, guys!), and The Other Daughter for Kindle is available for the cheap-as-chips £2.64.


4 thoughts on “Kindle Launch: The Other Daughter

    1. Make sure you’re in a fairly stable frame of mind when you read it as there is a deeply gruesome rape scene somewhere near the middle which wigged me out to write… ❤ How are you enjoying Blood Sisters so far? I loved that book.

      1. Ah, cheers! Will pack my, er, Stable Hat when I get going on it. I really liked How Not To Write, too – I bought it the day I’d found, whilst tidying, a truly dreadful “HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL” book which my Most Awful Ex Of All gave me with a flourish, saying, “Of course, I’M the writer in this relationship*** … but you might want to have a look at this.” And it was just so.bad. It was like HOW DO WRITE SLUSH, FISHER PRICE WAY.

        All of which stands in remote, i’m-a-lighthouse-of-insane contrast to the experience of How Not To Write, which I thought was spot on.

        *** NB he enjoyed this phrase a lot; his “books” were terrible. I will tell you all about them, possibly with dramatised sections when I next see you.

      2. Okay when we go on our Wilton date or whatever it is with Melanie you have to tell us both ALL about this joyful individual. 😀

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